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“Divided we stand, together we fall”

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Those are the lyrics I wrote about a year ago.

They were originally meant as a cynical comment on our polarized society for a new Signs song we wrote called Uchronia. In fact, some of you were brave enough to come to our studio and join our choir to sing (or preferably ROAR) those two lines.

Of course we didn’t know then how eerily apt these words seem right now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic where the only way to stay safe is to keep apart as far as possible… Life challenging art, I guess. We hope you’re all safe and that we will find a way out of this mess.

In the meantime, as you can see, we’re back with a new website because, well… Signs is back! In fact, as some of you may know, Marcel, Ron and I together with Louis Carlebur, our new drummer, have been jamming and rehearsing since 2016… You may be forgiven for not noticing, we haven’t been very vocal about it.
But now for the best news: we’re recording an album! A full length complete album. It’s the album we already wanted to make about ten years ago (but didn’t, for many reasons), plus a lot of brand new material.

So far, the recordings have taken us two years and that’s a loooong time. Why that long? Well, because we wanted to take our time, trying to make the best album we can, some parts and lyrics still had to be written and then some forced pauses occured, as a lot has happended in our lives the last few years… But that’s a story for maybe some other time.
More to come, as they say.

Now, with 95% of the album parts recorded, all we ask for is some little more patience as we approach the mixing stage, which will also take its time undoubtedly… but with some luck we should be able to finish at least two songs this summer.

Maybe those songs will be prereleased.. we’re not sure yet.

So, just to let you -officially- know Signs is happy making and writing and recording music together again and very much looking forward to releasing our first album in years. We’re even making plans for future live performances as soon as that’s possible in these crazy times.
We’ll keep you posted!

For now: stay divided, don’t fall and keep safe. Hope to see you soon.

Hans, Ron, Marcel and Louis