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October 9, 2022


I. Shadows Of The Lesser Gods

Looking down upon
This little orb
I used to call my home
The presence of the cold
Still in my bones

My tin can waltzing willesly
Inside this prison of a geosynchronicity
In isolated gravity

The lights below now half as bright
Blues and greens all faded to
A blank obscurity
Like the memory of
The man I used to be

Who once believed that he
Could turn the odds
Among the shadows
Of the lesser gods

How long has it been
My old friend?
As lightyears passed
And worlds were won
And lost again

Spinning ‘round this lonely planet
That I knew so well before
Now a perfect little background
For a thousand Civil Wars

All I wanted was
To break the chains
And Great Escape
Into thin air
But bonds and ties
Were cut beyond repair

So all that’s left is me,
The orb and empty space
My God
What have you done
To this place?


II. Uchronia

Dreaming of
A Merry Olde World
Longing for the
Fairy Times of Yore
These Magic Kingdoms
Still so pure from shore to shore

Our homebred unicorns
Keep foreign dragons well at bay
We do not know
Our enemies
But now we fear ‘m anyway

White knights and maidens
Guard the uniformity
Where we all want to
Think and look alike

Nobody dares to question
Your superiority
So safe behind your gated
Sense of community

Divided we stand!
Together we fall!
Longing for Uchronia
The world that never was

Divided we stand!
Together we fall!
Welcome to Uchronia
The center cannot hold

Diggin’ in a little deeper now
Build the wall a little higher
Drive the wedge a little deeper now
Set the middle grounds on fire

Turn the jesters into kings
Where the Boreal wind is sown
Will we pay the pipers
When they’re coming
To collect their own?

One man’s way to heaven
Is another’s road to hell
Between the dream & nightmare
Where the last angel fell


III. Zero Gravity

A world that sold her innocence
For the prize on tv-shows
Where revolutions are directed
By instruction videos

We’re Rockin’ in the Free World
And we like to sing along
And fail to see the irony
That lies within a song

It’s the Empire of a Thousand Years
And the money’s the ideal
We’re starting to believe now
That this world is not for real

Nothing to hold on to
Drift away from the core
Nothing to hold on to
We’re losing more and more

We’re losing ground it seems to me
Float in zero gravity
Unbearable lightness lethargy
Or so it seems to be
Capsules of careless apathy
Float in zero gravity
Pityful inability
To bear the weight of being free

Crossing all the boundaries
As a liberating plan
The lunatics we bargained for
Have turned us into hollow men
Nothing to hold on to


IV. Cryogenic Jetlag

After all these years
The machines decide to wake me
A fossil from a future
That never came to be

Do they know
I’m out here
Or do they even care?
Bring me back to sleep
Bring me silence now

In suspended animation
My unending hibernation

And the cold invited
The dreams to come home
Invading my sleep
with a frosted force
All curled up like a baby
In a plastic womb
The haunt of a nightmare
From lightyears behind

Once upon a time
I could heal
Your little broken world
Or try to keep you safe
Under watchful eyes

Don’t know why I’m here now
Or why I’ve been awoken
Am I to save a planet
Right on course
To die?

The soul delayed
By a cryogenic jetlag


V. The Heretic

I remember the day
When I was young
A life ahead, a dream yet undefined
The Man, he used to teach me
About a world so pure and safe from harm
So pure…

He took me along to celebrate
His fearless fight
The Mother of all Wars
That would end
All wars

Now we close the cirle
To fight the good fight until it’s done
The day we close the circle
To a world so pure and
Free from harm

They smiled at me and said
“My son the time has come
To join our goal

The time is right for you
To come along with us”

Full of expectation I walked and smiled
Now show me good and bad

The path is clear
The lines are drawn
The truth was shown us
In ancient books so long ago
The Truth revealed
The right from wrong
I will know my right from wrong

Today I’ll liberate you
And set your skies on fire
Let me purify you
I’ll bring you right back to your kingdom come

Today I’ll close the circle
Bring a piece of heaven back on earth
My Grand Finale the ending
Annihilation leads the great Rebirth

As promised in ancient tales
A visitor in the sky
Was send to us
To bring the mighty present
Of a doomsday device

Now this demon from the stars
Without ever knowing why
Provides us true believers
The perfect weapon
To set fire to the sky

In a final Blaze of Glory
The world will be forever mine
How proud they’ll be
My finest hour
I will touch the Great Divine
For the gods of blood and fire
I fullfill the sacred prophecy

– I will not go unnoticed
Forever they’ll remember me…


VI. Nigredo

Am I the one that’s left alive
The one who lived
To tell the tale
Just my footprints
In the black earth
On a day as dark as night
Maybe my soul
And I will reunite

Just a distant echo
Of the voices that rang out
Sounds of glory now forgotten
Forever lost in barren lands
All that’s left is silence now
Such serenity

Time and time again
I will find that you’re not there
Maybe I can hope for traces
And the marks of life we shared
After all
In the end
I’m such a Lucky Man

In the wasted meantime
A spark might reignite
– Dream on, Baby
Keep on dreaming

Somewhere beyond this bleak infinity
Life will carry on
– Dream on, Baby

Keep on dreaming…



Louis Carlebur

Hans de Graaf
Bass, Vocals & Taurus pedals

Ron van der Park

Marcel Faas
Keyboards, Synthesizers & Background vocals


Produced by Signs
Engineered & Mixed by Ron van der Park
Mastered by Hans Weekhout at Jellywood Studio
Music by Van der Park
except IV by De Graaf
Lyrics by De Graaf
except V by De Graaf & Van der Park
Arrangements by Signs
Recorded at Wangotango Studio, Den Helder, The Netherlands
Album Design and Graphics by Hans de Graaf
Band portraits by Signs


The Uchronian Army Choir:
Mailo van der Park, B’elanna van der Park, Marjolein Jongstra, Rigtje Jongstra, Vadee Prudon, Els Smidt, Julia de Graaf, Eelco van Heeren, Brian van Heeren, Karin Bartens, Rob Bartens, Marco Bronsema, Marja Bronsema, Miranda Kneefel, Joyce Kneefel, Sylvia van Groenou, Mick Stam, Mick Jansen, Bjorn van der Linden, Wout Jak, Joel Buitenkamp, Jessica Hogerheijde, Dennis Pels, Mark Hogerheijde, Piet Kramer, Rene Reesing, John van Dalen, Paulien van Dalen, Joey Kneefel, Michelle Bisschops, Jaqueline van de Velde, PG van de Velde, Thijs Kapitein, Rolf Kapitein, Inge Tijsen, Patricia Grijpstra, Sonja Jansen, Theo Hollenberg, Nadja Ligtenbarg, Paul Hartland, Ryan Mirck, Ramon Mirck, Helene van Egmond, Stas Juzenas, Michel Naumovski, Alex Seagal, Henk Zwagerman, Norman Swart, Peter van der Park, Yolanda van der Park and Peter van Swieten.

Special thanks to Miranda Kneefel, Paul Hartland, Piet Kramer, Patrick Goedegebuur, Julia de Graaf and Marjolein Jongstra for persistently having our backs.

To all our friends everywhere, thanks for your continuing friendship and support. We wish you all the best.


Ⓟ & © Signs/Nine Units Music 2022 All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of all applicable laws.