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Uchronia Out Now

The Signs album Uchronia is out now! Our first full album since the early days of the Chimera and Private Eyes era. It’s a full prog conceptalbum with the unmistakable Signs sound, but you’ll also find the band exploring some new musical territories. We think it’s the best recording we’ve made so far.  We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Stream here:

Unfortunately, despite earlier announcements, there will be NO vinyl version of the album, at least not in the forseeable future. Plenty of reasons; some technical, some financial, but mostly logistical. We have been, once again, simply too optimistic and for those of you hoping for a vinyl record, we apologize for that.

We’re still thinking about releasing the album on CD in the near future, we’ll keep you posted about that.

For now, we’re very happy (and proud) to finally have the album out there in the Big World. Available on all the major streaming platforms. Go check it out. We hope you enjoy the album!