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September 14, 2004


I. Phenomena

So when I started watching
Between shock and fascination
Twin towering inferno caught in real time

Explosions in a greenish blast
It’s colors never seen before
Lit the horror in a sunny New York morning

I’m sure I must have seen
Some desperate people jump
But I cannot or won’t remember

The irreversibility
The endless sense of loss
Unprecedented acts of phenomena

Can’t believe my eyes
This must be a dream
Can this be really happening right now?

Suddenly the world seems to be different now
Whatever I believed seems to be wrong
So wrong somehow

And nothing’s gonna change
And nothing’s gonna last

So when I started watching
Between shock and fascination
The rebel politician was already down

The amateur assassin’s
Five bullets at close range
Were enough to shut him up forever

I’m sure there’s been a day
That I must have disagreed with him
But I cannot or won’t remember

The irreversibility
The endless sense of loss
Unprecedented acts of phenomena

So for better or for worse
They’re the blessing or the curse
Changing views and shifting paradigms

And yet we stare in disbelief
And try to feel beyond the grieve
How could we have been just so
So wrong somehow?

2. Kings Of Disneyland

There’s something in you
That needs to come on out
A drive, an urge within
That makes you raise your voice and shout

Just listen to the vanity
In every word you say
But there sure as hell’s no sanity
In the little notes you play

Between the crowds there on the street
Yeah, this life between the stages
Makes you feel so fucking incomplete

You’re on the rebound
And you crawled back on your cloud
To emphasize the relevance
-As long as they don’t laugh too loud

– This is our empire
And i don’t know what it’s worth
An amusement park
A Disneyland to mark our place on earth

Up here you lose control and doubts
And miss the point of what it’s all about
Just this trembling in your bones
Now, give the man a microphone…


3. Knots & Tangles (Part IV of “Chimera”)

I am Unit Nine
But my days are numbered now
For I have broken the golden rule
Something my owners can’t allow

The Underworld is better off without me
And maybe I am too
The visions still don’t go
They keep on coming through

Oh, I’m finished or have I just begun?
Will my death lead me
To that paradise under the sun?

I shouldn’t have fear
And I shouldn’t have tears
I just can’t explain the things I feel
Can this world I see be real?

Suddenly I realise to end this way
Is something I can’t endure
How can it be a sin to think this way
To think of things so pure?
I feel resistance coming up
I should go and find a way
They always told me I belonged here
But why shouldn’t I find my own way?

Instead of what they say
It isn’t wrong to listen to
A different song…


4. Scanner

So many minds to look into
Cracking the codes of mind
So many eyes to live up to
Asking what you hope to find

-Can you show me?
Can you show me now?
Close my eyes now
But I just can’t let go…

So I’ll always be the dancer
On the thin ropes of life
Trying to find my balance
On the edge of a knife

Scanning emotions
And x-ray your minds
Detecting the motion
And the lie that lies behind

It’s just a way to protection
The fear to lose control
Losing my sense of direction
Of reaching the crossroads of the soul

-Will you hold me?
Will you hold me now?





Hans de Graaf
Bass, Vocals & Taurus pedals

Ron van der Park

Marcel Faas
Keyboards, Synthesizers & Background vocals

Bert Vliegen


Songs composed by Van der Park & De Graaf
Lyrics by De Graaf
Arrangements by Signs
Recorded at The Bunker & Wangotango Studio, July 2004
Den Helder, The Netherlands
Engineered by Ron van der Park
Band Photography by Peter de Bock
Art Design by Hans de Graaf
Produced by Signs


Ⓟ & © Signs/Nine Units Music 2004 All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of all applicable laws.