"Scanning the Phenomenal Disney Knots" - Part II

Signs Returns to the Studio, Part II
16th - 30th July 2004   
Pictures by Signs

The next day, although still kinda fuzzy, Ron prepared for the guitar parts.


Ron doing his thing.
And Hans was... well, moving faders, basically.


With the drums- keyboard-, bass- and guitarparts pretty much finished now, Hans started the singing bits...


...so we moved to Wango Tango Studio 2 a.k.a. The Vocal Room.
(Especially the window was a nice detail. It gave Hans the opportunity to wave at the passers-by while singing)


Marcel then had to come in (again) to rerecord the keyboard parts for Knots & Tangles, as something had mysteriously gone wrong with the original takes.
And yeah, he was really happy about it...


After a small quest Marcel managed to find his equipment (somewhere between the pinball machines and the bathroom) and redid the parts.


Finally, we did the mixing and mastering in Wango Tango's Main Room, the efficient and professional nerve centre which made the Signs recordings such an....uhm... organised enterprise.

Needless to say, we enjoyed every minute of it. :-)

The End

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