"Scanning the Phenomenal Disney Knots" - Part I

Signs Returns to the Studio, Part I
5th - 14th July 2004   
Pictures by Signs

We started recording drums and keyboards in our rehearsal bunker. Here's Bert setting up his drumkit.
And on the right, you can see the Signs Blanket Sound Shields.

And guess what? It worked!

Bert and Marcel waiting patiently, while Ron makes some final sound adjustments.

Bert behind the curtains...


Marcel -as usual- effortlessly playing and programming at the same time....


Bert doing his thing...


...and Marcel doing his.


Bert, after recording four Signs drumtracks in one evening...


Three days later, we moved to Ron's infamous Wango Tango Studios. Where Hans did the bassparts.
And Ron was... well, moving faders, basically.


Hans doing the low notes...


Strange enough, after recording all the bass parts Ron repeatedly complained of "feeling kinda fuzzy".


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