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"... after a few spins [of Source Code] my indifference changed completely. Signs do now how to play interesting prog rock. First of all they have in Hans de Graaf a good bass player and fine vocalist with a pleasant British timbre (a little 'Fishy Fugazi-style' now and then, like in 'Scanner'). And second of all they have Ron van der Park, who is not afraid to masturbate on his strings like a Guitar God, as in the majestic, nine-plus minute epic 'Knots And Tangles'. But still all in the name of "The Song". The varied drums and the rich, but not overdone keyboard layers of respectively Bert Vliegen and Marcel fulfils the sound of Signs. A sound that has obviously its fundaments in the eighties, but contains the fresh-ness of present time to keep it interesting, without the obnoxious Back To The Future-eighties sound.
[...] Fans of Marillion (Fish era), IQ and Pendragon: you know what to do!"
Lords Of Metal November 2004


"Signs proves they can still progress musically. They keep experi-menting nicely, without losing their own style. The only downside to Source Code is that this musical treat is limited to only two new songs."
- iO Pages October 2004


"After their performance, I could only draw one conclusion: Signs is back, and can easily match any other Prog Rock/Metal band in this country. Even more, I wouldn't be surprised if the band with one hand tied behind their backs still out-plays all progrocking competition. Not only because of their catchy songs and excellent instumental skills, but also because of the pure, undiluted fun they display on stage."
(Concert review) Lords Of Metal November 2004


"By mixing styles Signs created their own style. Did Chimera already sound good, Private Eyes gets you by the throat even more. De Graaf rumbles his bass, Van der Park is soloing relentlessly and Faas complements things beautifully. They deliver a record that could've easily matched albums of bands like For Absent Friends, Egdon Heath, Kayak and Taurus."
iO Pages september 2004


"...singer/bassplayer Hans de Graaf seems to be a dutch Geddy Lee, playing and singing so easy! Also keyboard player Marcel Faas did a great job, as well as the drummer Bert Vliegen. The guitar player Ron van der Park played awesome, very melodic and with whole his heart! If you really dig sympho/progrock with an typical IQ/Marillion touch and Dream Theater kinda like riffs, check these guys out, they are awesome."
- (Concert review) Dutch Progressive Rock Page July 2003


"Signs proves that Progrock can be done differently. With Square Circles they even cause a small sensation. The songs are variously atmosferic or up-tempo and drag you into a better world that is dominated by honesty and equality. "
Meltdown Magazine


"Private Eyes is Signs' musical Top Achievement!"
Aardschok/Metal Hammer


"The social-political lyrics, the power of the songs, and their tight musical sound result in one of the best Dutch demo's in years"
SI Music Magazine