Thursday, december 31st, 2009 - We decided to break up. The decision was already made last summer, so it's about time we'd make it official. There are a dozen of reasons for this decision but to make a long story short: we all felt that, due to personal circumstances, we were no longer able to give Signs the time, the attention nor the passion this band needs and deserves. We had plans for a new cd, but the recording process suffered too much from absence and hiatuses. We just weren't getting anywhere and it became clear that things weren't going to get better in the foreseeable future.

The split is not because of personal or musical differences, we still love what we were doing and still like each other a lot. Without any doubt, we could have gone on for years in the haphazard way we did lately, but we knew it wouldn't be fair to to the band's original intentions. Therefor we decided to stop. At this point in time, it's uncertain if it will be a permanent or just a temporary split, we'll have to see how things develop in the future.

Meanwhile, the four of us will pursue some other individual projects. Bert's busy studying, Marcel is finishing his long term solo project and Hans and Ron rejoined Mr Slammer for the reunion gig in March.
So, lots of exciting stuff going on, just not with Signs.

Lastly we would like to thank the fans and friends who supported the band throughout it's history and especially these last six years. Without you we would have lasted a lot less longer.

So we'll leave you with our best wishes for 2010. And who knows, maybe one day we'll meet again.


Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 - STUDIO UPDATE 1

At the moment we're back in our studio and finally started the recording of our new album! We filled our rehearsal studio with a big mass of new equipment and, well, the four of us feel very enthousiastic and inspired about the proces.

Way too early to come up with a release date yet, though. It'll probably take a while, we certainly don't want to rush things this time.

We'll definitely keep you updated.


Friday, October 10th, 2008 - Another gig coming up: On October 25th we'll play a couple of sets during the Rock & Bluesweekend in JP DuPont. We'll perform some new stuff and we are planning to play, for the first time ever,  the entire Chimera story!
Show starts at ten(ish) and entry is free as usual. We hope it'll be as much fun as last year's anniversary gig!

Some snapshots of our performances at LMSE and Beukende Golven were added to pictures section.


Thursday, July 31st, 2008 -

Things have been a bit quiet on the Signs front the past few months since we've been busy with some other (musical) projects (plus holidays 'n stuff) so apologies for the lack of updates!

Anyway, we're getting back on track with Signs and there are two interesting gigs coming up:

On Augst 30th we'll be playing at Den Helder's biggest outdoor festival known as Last minute Summer Event.

On September 12th we'll do a set at Beukende Golven, another festival that's part of the art manifestations surrounding the Sail 2008/Tall Ships events in Den Helder.

Were lookin' forward to both, hope to see you there!

BTW; We've updated the site with some pictures from the gig at Minirock this past June. Enjoy!



Friday, November 9th - 20th anniversary Party!!

On november 24th we'll be playing at Cafe DuPont in Den Helder to conclude and celebrate Signs' 20th anniversary. So, it'll be an evening (well, night probably) full of some very old and very new stuff from the band, accompanied by a bunch of guest musicians and  supported by the girl rockers of the PRB Experience!

It's gonna be a party, hope to see you there!


Saturday, July 14th - Great, great gig last week on the Minirock Festival where we got play in front of a wonderful audience of 1500 people (and the one in WK13 already wasn't too bad either).
More of those, please :-)

In the meantime we're busy writing new material and searching for a producer for our next cd. And preparing for yet another gig... at a birthday party! Something totally different, but it'll be fun.

Some great pictures by Peter de Bock of the Minirock gig can be found here.


Monday,  May 28th - Another Gig!
While we're preparing ourselves for the show coming Saturday, another gig has been confirmed. We'll be playing (once more) at the wonderful Minirock festival on July 5th.

Also, we're seriously planning the recording of a new full length album this fall. Stay tuned for more on that.

And we finally added some new pictures to the site, from the show at Superpool on April 30th. Thanks to Peter de Bock. Enjoy!


Friday, April 20th - Gigs!

To celebrate our 20th anniversary we're going to play some gigs:

Apr 30 Superpool - Koninginnedag Den Helder

May 6
Sportcenter Quelderduyn - Helderse Bands Festival

June 2
Windkracht 13 - Dag van de Muziek Den Helder

Since Bert won't be back until the end of May, Anthony Schouten will fill in on drums in Superpool and Quelderduyn!

We're looking forward to it, hope to see you there!


Monday, February 19th - Some good news and some bad news. To start with the bad news: Bert will, again,  be sailing a couple of times this year, but the good news is that we've found a 'substitute' drummer to fill in. As a matter of fact the drummer is Anthony Schouten, the 'original' drummer and co-founder of Signs! Of course we're really happy with Mr Schouten helping us out. We no longer have to skip gigs and hopefully can get on with things.
So, this spring we'll definitely be doing some gigs, some with Bert and some with Anthony. Too early for details, but we'll keep you informed.

Meanwhile, we opened a MySpace account. As you can see, we're getting a bit lonely there, so if you like the band, please be so kind to add us to your Friends, we'd *really* appreciate it!


Monday, November 23rd -
Yep, Bert has returned from his travels aboard the Hr.Ms. Walrus, so after eight months, Signs' 'forced sabbatical' has finally come to an end. Yay! To celebrate, this thursday we're gonna do a half hour set on the annual "Scheepsbandconcours' at the Navy Base here in Den Helder.
We're always excited about doing a gig, but you can imagine we're really looking forward to this one!
Can't wait.


Sunday, April 9th, 2006 - Our Source Code EP free to download!
Yep, we've decided to give our latest recording away for free.
And if you like it, maybe, you could do something in return:

1. Download our Source Code for free, you'll get the artwork too;
2. Play it loud, brainwash your friends, make them download it too;
3. Take the Source Code to your favorite bar, make the DJ play it, be
mysterious like you've found the fountain of youth;
4. After you've made him listen, tell the owner of the bar you are our
5. Contact us to hear what we expect to get paid covering costs;
6. Add some amount of money to make your efforts worthwhile, because there IS a lot of organising stuff you'll be confronted with (but don't overdo it, both work and the amount of money you'll want for it);
7. Get back to the owner and tell him you talked to us and he's going to be honoured with our presence. DON'T tell him we're desperate to play no matter what.
8. Doing this you'll get our eternal gratitude, and that's even more
important than the money you'll make, right?? Sure!!!

Just head of to the mp3 section in lines
of two and remember: MAKE US P(L)AY!!!!

Have fun!


Saturday, March 18th, 2006 -
Next saturday's gig WON'T be with the band Solid Vision, but with Europe's #1 Metallica Tribute band The Unforgiven.
Just so you know.

Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, february 15th, 2006
- We're going to do a gig at Cape Holland, Den Helder at March 25th. We were asked to pay tribute to one of the most influential prog bands in history: Rush. So we're probably going to play two or three of their songs alongside our own material. It means we definitely have to practise hard, though: It's been a while since we've played any Rush songs, more than fifteen years ago to be precise. So we hope we'll be able to do their songs justice. But we like the challenge and we're quite certain it's going to be a lot of fun.

Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, november 9th, 2005 - Aaaand... we're back! Sorry for the extended radio silence, but it's just that our summer break this year took a little (ahem) longer than we anticipated. However, in the mean time we got a great live review in iO Pages magazine (#60) and we have been working on a couple of new songs. Some gigs have been confirmed for 2006.
More about all that soon...


Thursday, june 23rd, 2005 - Our show at the Zeerocks-festival was great. And we got a great review in Dutch Newspaper Noordhollands Dagblag, as well. We'll post some pictures soon.
We're now preparing for (and looking forward to) the Minirock-festival, which happens to be the nicest festival of Northern Holland. It's gonna be a party! We'll play at 10 pm.

See you there!


Monday, May 30th, 2005 - We've added two mp3's to the site. Scanner and the brandnew, previously unreleased Shadow Of The Lesser Gods. Both songs were live recorded during our show in Loose End, Reeuwijk. Hardly professional recordings (just two small microphones) but we kind of liked them anyway and it might give you an impression of the gig.

Hope you enjoy!

This Friday, we'll do a show together with Eyes Can't See in Total Music, Schiedam.
Doors open at 21.00 and the entrance is free.

Hope to see you there!


Thursday, May 5th, 2005 - Did we say it'd be LATE at Queen's Day? Well, actually, it turned out even LATER. We didn't start our set before 2.45 (at NIGHT, that is).
As it turned out, we were up to it, but unfortunately our equipment wasn't! After two songs Hans broke his E-string, Bert ruined the bassdrum pedal and Marcel's keyboard stand collapsed. Shit happens.
So we were forced to take a little break, and it got even LATER!
Ah, well. That's rock 'n roll, we guess.
Funny thing is, we had a fun night anyway. Sort of.
Looking forward to the next, though.

Oh yeah, we were invited (again!) to play at this year's Minirock Festival.
And we are very happy about that!


Monday, April 25th, 2005 -
It's gonna be LATE, this Saturday. We'll do a (traditional) Queen's Day gig at Grand Cafe Superpool at 1 AM. Lots and lots of other great bands will play at this Queensday festival, starting at 14.00.
We'll play a couple of our new songs and, of course, some oldies.

Hope to see you there!


Tuesday, April 5th, 2005 -
Great gig with Profound last Saturday. Unfortunately, the sound conditions on the Loose End stage were not that great, so we just had to work a little harder to compensate ;-)
Fun evening, though. We did a little interview with iO Pages (May-edition) and some pictures of the gig can be found


Oh yeah, some more dates were announced this week. Check the
tour page for more details...


Monday, March 28th, 2005 - Signs will perform this Saturday at Loose End in Reeuwijk. Again, a prognight together with Profound. Profound will start the evening at 21.30 and Signs will play an hour later.
Check the Loose End Website for more details.

Hope to see you there!

check the wonderfuyl pictures by Astid Sluijter of the Kade gig.
You might want to look at her website as well: Wonderful stuff!


Monday, March 7th, 2005 - Nice little gig we did last Friday, great to meet and play along with the members of Aeolus and Profound, and both bands rocked as much as we thought they would.
Unfortunately, thanks to the heaviest snowfall in decades over here, not a lot of people were able to show up to see us.
Nevertheless, it was a fun evening and we're looking forward to the next "prognight" in Reeuwijk. And hope for better weather...


Monday, february 14th, 2005 -
As promised, a little more info on our gig at De Kade on March 4:

Signs will be opening the Prognight at 21.30, Aeolus will play second and Profound will be the closing act. Doors open at 21.00 and admittance will be 4 euros.
If you want you can contact us for tickets. Just send us a mail at

Hope to see youze there!


Monday, january 24th, 2005 -
We've got another gig coming up!
And at a GREAT venue to boot: On March 4, we will play at the
Kade in Zaandam.
Again, it'll be a  "Prognight" with
Aeolus and Profound, two very cool Progressive Rock/Metal bands.

Needless to say, we're really looking forward to this one!

+ + + + + +

Tuesday, January 18th, 2005 -
Definitely not "lost in translation"(see last update): we've received the translation by the reviewer Artur Chachlowski of the Polish Metal Hammer Review.
We'll add the full review shortly to Reviews, but here it is in short:

"Signs return as the very matured and tight band. There is big progress in the music itself, quality of compositions, techical ability of all the musicians and the singer. All of this makes "Source Code" the excellent release, which gives the listener a lot of satisfaction with every next play.[...] Signs have their own musical direction and identity and on their new album they prove that they managed to make a quantum step forward.
(4 out of 5 stars)  by Artur Chachlowski"

Dziekujemy, Artur! :-)

And there's MORE good news from Poland: Last week (01-12) Signs made their debut on a foreign Radio station! At the MLWZ show on
Alfa Radio Krakow our song Knots & Tangles was broadcasted. On the MLWZ website  you can listen to the complete show, or you can listen to a little sample we made, just to give you an idea.



Friday, january 7th, 2005 - Best wishes for 2005, everyone!
This week, we started working on some new material for what
-eventually- will be our next album.  And, so far, we think we have some great stuff coming up!

Also, we got a review in the Polish edition of Metal Hammer Magazine. Unfortunately, we don't speak Polish, so we have absolutely NO IDEA what it is they wrote about our music!
However, they gave us 4 out of 5 stars so we guess it's pretty positive :-)
As soon as we have the English translation we'll let you know.


Friday, december 24th, 2004 - Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all!


Wednesday, december 15th, 2004 - On April 2nd, we're going to do a gig in Loose End in Reeuwijk, together with Aeolus and Profound, two awesome progbands.
ATM, it looks like we're even gonna do some more gigs together and of course we'll keep you posted about that.

Tickets for the event will be soon available on our site.

Also, we've updated the reviews section with English translations. So now all you non-Dutch speakers can read for yourselves what the 'professionals' had to say about our music ;-)


Monday, November 29th, 2004 - Really wonderful gig, last thursday at the Navy base. Thanks to a great audience one of the best performances we've done so far.
Some dvd recordings were made, and if we find the time (and multi-media skills) we'll add some of those to this site.


Saturday, November 20th, 2004 - This Thursday, Signs is going to perform at the infamous Scheepsbandconcours at the Royal Navy Base in our hometown Den Helder. We'll play a set during the 'Break' of the annual competition.
Reportedly, more than twothousand spectators will attend the event, so it's going to be quite big :-)
We're really looking forward to this one!


Sunday, october 31st, 2004 - We've finally added the English version of our Biography to this site.

No Signs activities are planned for the first half of November as Bert Vliegen is currently visiting Austalia.


Thursday, october 21st, 2004 - Lots of fun last saturday in HOT, yet steaming Dupont! Great gig, nice crowd, excellent party!
(See the pics...)

We got another great review in iO Pages this week (november issue). Thanks for that, glad you liked it!

Also, it seems that Source Code is generating a lot of international attention and we like to say thanks (and hi!) to all of you that bothered to contact us and offered some help. Awesome!


Sunday, october 10th, 2004 - This Saturday, october 16th, Signs are going to celebrate the release of their new EP Source Code. The band will be performing live at JP Dupont, a great bar in their hometown Den Helder.
The band will start playing at 22.00 and the admittance is free.


Tuesday, october 5th, 2004 -
We've added the interview we did yesterday with the Noordhollands Dagblad.
Interviews. Though, if you can't read Dutch, don't bother ;-)


Tuesday, september 28th, 2004 - At the moment we're really busy trying to promote Source Code. A lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Though sometimes we start to feel more like salesmen than musicians... Ah well, part of the game, we guess.

So far, responses have been great from everybody, thank you all for that!

In the meanwhile, you might want to check out the liner notes by Ron van der Park on recording the cd:

Tricky one to record: First of all we planned to do a reheasal live demo but it's so .... unsigns, so soon we decided to record the drums and keyboards live in our WW II Bunker from hell. Miking the drums of Bert was quite a hassle, normally mics tend to have longer cables than 2 meters for mixing in a distant room, but not this time ... you got it, mixing desk next to the drums! Can't make a bigger mistake but it was all we had ;-)

Hans' trusty Korg D16 was used to record the tracks, we reserved 6 drum tracks and 2 Keyboard tracks, for the rest we had to move on to my well-planned, organized and at all times fully functional hobbyroom... did I say hobbyroom? Sure I mean studio.

Hans did his basstracks first; tweaking a Line 6 POD, compressors, exciters, equalizers and basspickups laid down the bottom end.
After that: crunch guitars! Mainly I used my Jem DNA for it, for the clean parts the Fender strat GK. For the "solo" of Phenomena I trashed up the whammy of my Ibanez 440 and for the beginning of the solo of "Kings" I grabbed my trusty all worn Malmsteen strat for that nice bite.
More I need and I need sustain ... Fernandes! The rest of the solo's were done by DNA and my left foot ...

Marcel had to come in again for laying the key tracks of "Knots" as we didn't understand the Korg so well when we started, also at that time he founded the intro of "Phenomena"

After the final keys Hans did his vocals next to the bathroom in front of the window, waving hands at people he thought who recognised him and enjoying the sight of beaultiful weather he actually couldn't enjoy as he was recording his voice next to the bathroom in front of ....

Until deep in the night we mixed the songs until the last night before my vacation... I had to pack the next morning.

In the meantime Hans finallized the artwork for the cover and cd, tossed it to Marcel to print it, while Bert played with his sub (unterwasser boot) somewhere in the Scandinavian waters.

And that leaves us now with a cd we can be proud of..."


Tuesday, September 14th - Source Code is out now.
here for more details.
The album contains four tracks. Two brand new songs; Phenomena and The Kings Of Disneyland, and two NEW recordings of two of our old favorites: Knots & Tangles and Scanner.

Total playing time is about 28 minutes.

For some samples of the songs, see our
MP3 section.

Also, we got a GREAT review of our remastered CD's Chimera and Private Eyes in Dutch Progressive Rock Magazine iO Pages.
reviews (in Dutch only)


Tuesday, August 31st - Due to some last minute corrections the release date of the Source Code EP will be delayed by a week.
Of course it's possible to pre-order the album right now by sending us an email to sourcecode.
(The price is EUR 5,00 + shipping.)


Friday, August 7th - Signs just finished recording and mixing their new EP, Source Code. The CD will be officially released by the end of August.
For those of you that can't wait that long, listen to some one and a halve minute samples of the songs.

Phenomena 1,3MB
The Kings Of Disneyland 1.4MB
Knots & Tangles 1,2MB
Scanner 1,4MB

Hope you enjoy and remember to play it LOUD!


Thursday, july 15th - At the moment, Marcel, Ron, Bert and Hans are busy recording a couple of brand new tracks (supplemented with some favorite oldies) at the Rehearsal Bunker and Ron's Wango Tango Studio.

For a small foto report, click


Tuesday, june 29th - Next week Signs will finally return to the studio to start recording the long-awaited follow-up to 1991's Private Eyes. It won't be a full length album, but at least two new songs will be recorded.


Thursday, may 6th - Last Friday's gig at Superpool's Queen's Day Festival was smokey, sweaty and pretty awesome! Lots of people came to see us, lots of other great bands played and everybody had a great night. We were invited to do another gig at Superpool in the near future. We'll keep you posted about that.
Oh yeah, we've posted some pics in the


Tuesday, april 20th - We're going to do a gig! It's been a while, indeed, but we were asked to perform at a festival on Koninginnedag (the national celebration of our Queen's birthday).
So, on April 30th we will play at 22:00 at poolhall Superpool, together with nine other bands.
We're looking forward to it!


Wednesday, january 14th - Let's start this New Year with a pleasant
On Ron's Wango Tango Website (see links-section) you can now
find the complete catalogue (in mp3 format) of all Signs material
ever recorded!
Remember that this stuff was composed and recorded more than
13 years ago, but nonetheless we're still pretty proud of it.

Anyway, check it out and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much
as we had recording it.

Chimera (1989)
Square Circles (1990)
Privare Eyes (1991)

PS Oh yeah, won yet another reward!
The 2003 AWARD OF TRIUMPH, no less!

" You should consider this both a great honour and a testament
to your good taste and superior webdesign skills",
they wrote.

Well, we're honoured. And thanks a bunch!


Friday, december 26th - Due to difficult personal circumstances we won't be able to start the recording of our new cd in the near future.
However, plans are being made to make live or semi-live recordings on very short notice. Since these recordings probably will be used for promotional purposes only there's a pretty good chance we will add the new stuff here for downloading.

Happy new year to you all!


Wednesday, september 3rd - At the moment Signs are busy writing new material, which will eventually form our new cd. At this point it's too early to give a release date, but we're aiming for december/january.


Wednesday, august 13 - Due to tragic familycircumstances Signs won't be able to play at the Last Minute Summer Event-festival this saturday.


Saturday, july 26th - Newspaper Interview
We've added our interview with newspaper Noordhollands Dagblad to the site. And, you've guessed it, it's in Dutch.
See the
interviews-section. Duh!


Monday, july 21st - Golden Web Award

Wow! Our site's won a
Golden Web Award. "In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web."

Well, don't know about that, but thanks anyway!


Thursday, july 3rd - DPRP Concert Review
Check out the great review of our Lentepop gig on
DPRP (01-07-2003). Thanks to Jurrie Teeuwen from the band Aeolus.
We updated the Picture-gallery in a clearer order.


Wednesday, july 2nd - DPRP Concert Review
The Minirock-pictures are now online.


Saturday, june 28th - Pictures Lentepop
Yesterday, it was confirmed that we will play at the Last Minute Summer Festival in our Hometown Den Helder at August 16.
Last thursday's Minirock was really, really great! Pictures following soon.
In the meantime: more pics of Lentepop!


Monday, june 23rd - Pictures Lentepop
NEW pics of last saturday's Lentepop are added. Check know the drill.


Wednesday, june 18th - Pictures DvdM
We've added NEW pics of last saturday's gig in Den Helder. Check the Pictures-page.


Tuesday, june 17th - Setlist & Line-up Lentepop
Well, last saturday's Dag van de Muziek was a blast! We really enjoyed ourselves and the gig went very well. 
Coming saturday we'll play at Lentepop and we hope it to be even better.
Here's the setlist:

One Man Jury
Kings Of Disneyland
Trial & Conviction
Knots & Tangles

And here's the Line-up:

13.15 Itchy Eyes Metal
14.00 Mudkings Stonerrock
14.45 Grape! Nu-rock
15.30 Eyes Can't See Project Symfonische rock
16.30 Signs Progrock
17.30 Reborn Gothic Metal
18.30 Vuist Trash/deathmetal
19.30 MissTreated Hardrock
20.30 Aces Metal
21.30 Wastelands Symfonische metal
22.30 Hammerhawk Metal

Thursday, june 12th - Setlist & Line-up DvdM
Just two days before our official 'resurrection' at the Dag van de Muziek, of course in our hometown Den Helder. We are really, really looking forward to it and, well, here's the setlist:

Kings Of Disneyland
Trial & Conviction
Knots & Tangles

Seems to be a pretty good balance between the old and the new, we figured...

Of course, there are a lot of other great bands playing this day all over the city. Too many to mention, actually. So here's only the line-up at the Poppodium:

12.20uur Xtreme
13.00 uur Oblivian
13.40 uur Awesome
14.20 uur Milk
15.00 uur Plain
15.40 uur Monkey Blue Monkey
16.30 uur Signs


Monday, may 12th - New Links
Again, we've added some interesting new
links to the site.
Of course, the
blog is updated on a pretty regular basis. So keep checkin' it.


Tuesday, april 22nd - New pictures added
We've added some new band-pictures to this site. Taken last weekend by our friend Peter de Bock. 
See the frontpage (
home) en pictures-sections

Saturday, april 19th - Signs MP3's added
We've added some music-files to this site. These songs were recorded quite a long time ago, but it might give you some idea what this band is all about. Happy Easter and hope you enjoy!

Saturday, april 12th - Signs at Minirock
Yesterday, we got a call that we will be playing at this years Minirock-festival, which happens to be the nicest little festival round these parts. So, yeah. We're damn happy!
We've also added some new links to the Tour and Links-page. Check 'm out.

Sunday, april 6th - Opening Signs Website
O.k. here we are: The Signs Official Homepage. I guess that means the band actually exists. Not quite finished yet (there will be mp3 files and more recent bandpictures soon), but we're working on it.
Nevertheless, we hope you'll enjoy the site and we will update on a regular basis.
Have fun!

Sunday, april 6th - Signs 2 x live
This spring, Signs will perform live for the first time in 10 years.
The band was asked to be the closing-act on this years Dag van de Muziek in Den Helder.
One week later, on june 21st, Signs will play at the Lentepop Festival in Gouda.
Check the tour-page for more details...