Signs debuted in 1987. Hans de Graaf, Ron van der Park and Marcel Faas managed to get into the spotlight right from the start, using technical skill, a sense of social awareness and raw energy in their layered Prog-Rock music.

Their away-from-mainstream methods works out well, within a half year the band reaches the finals of the Noordhollands Glorie band competion at the SeaPop festival in Petten, The Netherlands. Gradually national attention increases, with gigs at the Milky Way (Melkweg) in Amsterdam and at several well-known festivals across the country.

At the same time their demo-tapes Chimera and Private Eyes get raving reviews in magazines like Watt, Metal Hammer and Music Maker.
Record company SI Music calls PE "One of the best demo's in years", and offers the band a record deal. Internal struggles at this company make for a last moment cancellation of signing the band.

Partly because of this disappointing experience, and being unable to find a 'suitable' drummer, the Signs members decide to call it quits in '92 and they all go their separate ways.
Faas focuses on the top-40 coverband circuit with prosperous bands like Break and The Crossband.
Van der Park and De Graaf join forces with Mr. Slammer, a band that would become very succesful in the mid-nineties with gigs on national radio and television and a two-year tour as opener for Dutch Rock legends Golden Earring (Radar Love, The Twilight Zone).

Years later, in March 2003, De Graaf and Van der Park decide to resurrect their "old love" Signs. They get Faas to rejoin (they had to twist his arm) and sign up talented Bert Vliegen as their new drummer.

The news of a re-born Signs spreads like a fire throughout the Country. Many fans dust-off their old demo-tapes and the band gets a ton of e-mails from fans everywhere.
They quickly do a minitour including festivals in Den Helder and Gouda and retreat to their practice bunker to write new material for the successor of '91's Private Eyes.

Initially planned for release in November 2003, the recordings have to be delayed due to tragic family circumstances. But this July Signs finally seizes the opportunity to record their EP Source code in their own Wango Tango homestudio.

With this new album Signs re-establishes itself as one of Hollands unique and striking Prog bands, driven as ever and with an unmistakable sound.